About Us

About Us

My earliest childhood memory was when I was four years old. Because my mother is German we celebrate Christmas in the Continental fashion, so I had been allowed to stay up a little later on the 24th to receive my gifts. This was the first time I was consciously aware of being given a gift. I vividly remember clutching a box of Lego... I’d never seen Lego before. When the Lego came out of the box and my parents knelt on the carpet and showed me how to build my first Lego house, I knew I would be hooked for life. 

BLOCK Shop was born out of this poignant childhood memory as well as my children's love for LEGO. The excitement and joy in their faces each time they open a new set or play with a favourite Minifigure takes me back to that Christmas so long ago. So BLOCK Shop is very much a family-oriented and run business, involving every member of the family from our youngest daughter to our children's Grandparents.

Because of the Global COVID-19 pandemic the business was started from our rental home in Stanford. We look forward to being involved with such an iconic and instantly recognisable Brand as LEGO. A toy that provides fine motor skills, encourages team-work, improves creativity and communication skills and develops problem solving and lateral thinking skills. 

At the same time we aim to provide excellent service and an enjoyable buying experience. We are proud of BLOCK Shop and we hope to be around for many years providing joy to children and exceptional service to all our customers.


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