Bina's BOOK Shop

Bina's BOOK Shop is an online retailer of used books, based in the Western Cape Overberg and is a subsidiary of BLOCK Shop online toy store. Bina's aims to provide used books at affordable prices.

Describing the condition of second-hand books accurately can be somewhat tricky, so here's how we describe a book's condition:

New: This book can be given as a present and no-one would know you got it from a used store!
As New: Probably read only once or twice by someone very carefully.
Very Good: The spine may have some minor creases or minor bumping on the corners of the book.
Good: A few creases, perhaps a small tear or two on the dustjacket; spine could be leaning forward.
Fair: Good enough to read and still looks quite okay; not in a wonderful condition, though (yes, a pretty vague description, we know).
Poor but Readable: Not a book you'd want to keep on your shelf for display-purposes but perfect for a good read. 

Books are generally described in a slightly worse condition than they actually are.

Creating book entries electronically for online use is a tedious task, so please be patient as more books are added to the online catalogue. 

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